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Children Create Imagination

Imagination for baby is create from two ways such as create from brain and create from heart which Imagination is very important especially in children which have age between three to six years because in these age range able to bring children to think creative. Babysitter or Nanny should concern about Imagination of baby or children that you take care by introduce or giving advice the way to think and create imagination in the right way and do not block children imagination. If children tell about the things that not exist which babysitter should listen and inspire by motivate children to express their thinking in their mind and open opportunity by let them dream and do not stop the way that they think. On the other hand babysitter should teach children about the thing in the real world which go together with their imagination.

For the result if Babysitter or Parent do not listen to the imagination that baby or children think or speak which it will effect to the children in long term because your children will not speak the thing that they think with you again and they will close themselves outside the world for example do not think, do not talk and do not express anything and these will make children become quench and stop using imagination in the end.

Children which have age between one to two year will have imagination world such as do the thing like babysitter do or like parent do such as eating, driving, cleaning and etc which from the research boy will action like father do and girl will action like mother do and when baby have age three to six which is the starting point of study life which children will have friend, society, watch movie, watch TV and many more which your children will combine every story together with their self by using imagination.

Children do not know that what is real and what is fake which your children may act that same thing that they have see before which babysitter or parent should take care children carefully and teach and advice your children that what is real and what is fake. Imagination is a way that will effect children behavior which can effect both positive and negative side. Babysitter or Parent is the most important character that able to help children to become a good person, clever, and think wisely by using reason to explain to the children to learn and understand from the activity that children do because imagination able to create discipline to the children. Children may dream that is not real which parent and babysitter should promote their children more than think that it is ridiculous for your children because if babysitter or parent think that everything that children think is ridiculous which these may harm children’s feeling and children will feel that they are not happy to create imagination and stop using imagination forever. Babysitter and Parent should teach children in the right way and understand what children think.

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