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SitterCity.com is a website that able to help you find and match babysitter and nannies to your baby that near your house which you will find a qualified nanny and babysitter with background profile that SitterCity offering for you at their website. When you visit SitterCity website you will find their services that separate into many categories Find babysitters and nanny, Senior Care, babysitting Jobs, House Keepers, Pet Care and many more. SitterCity providing babysitter and nannies for parent since 2001 which you can assure their services quality that will never and ever let you disappointed.

Not only offering the best services with clearly black ground for babysitter and nannies sitter but SitterCity also giving away SitterCity Promo Code which you can use SitterCity Promo Code after you finish adding your select SitterCity Services to your cart and then you will see a box for entering SitterCity Promo Code during your checkout which can saving your money up to 25% Off. For current SitterCity Promo Code is mention below.

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Why Choosing SitterCity.com?

The reason that why many parent select SitterCity for using babysitter and nanny service is because SitterCity offering all types of care such as Pet Care, House Keepers, Tutoring, Pet Care, Nanny Services, babysitter services and many more which SitterCity is one of the best specialist in providing babysitter and nannies sitter for all parent since 2001 which you can assure their services quality with clear profile background for each babysitter.

SitterCity Promo Code: By entering SitterCity Promo Code after you finish adding your select member option to your cart and then you will see a box for entering SitterCity Promo Code which can save your money up to 25% Off. For current SitterCity Promo Code is mention above this post.

SitterCity Offering Babysitter in your Area: At SitterCity.com you can find Babysitter in your select area such as Seattle Babysitters, Washington D.C. Babysitters, Minneapolis Babysitters, Cleveland Babysitters, Miami Babysitters, Chicago Babysitters, San Francisco Babysitters, Los Anggeles Babysitters, Charlotte Babysitters, Houston Babysitters, Boston Babysitters, Baltimore Babysitters, Denver Babysitters, Philadelphia Babysitters, Dallas Babysitters, Austin Babysitters, Columbus Babysitters, Atlanta Babysitters, New York City Babysitters and many more.

SitterCity Offering Nannies in your Area: At SitterCity.com you can also find Nannies in your select area such as Portland Nannies, Dallas Nannies, Columbus Nannies, New York City Nannies, Philadelphia Nannies, Cleveland Nannies, Chicago Nannies, Minneapolis Nannies, Charlotte Nannies, Boston Nannies, Los Angeles Nannies, Baltimore Nannies, Seattle Nannies, Austin Nannies, Houston Nannies, Denver Nannies, San Francisco Nannies, Atlanta Nannies and many more.

SitterCity Safety: SitterCity set their Safety as their top priority which you can assure that you will find the right babysitter and nanny sitter that match your baby with Reviewed Caregivers, Background Checks and Access to References.

How SitterCity Work: When you visit SitterCity website you will find their services that separate into two option from the following.

Parents Options: Post a Job, Receive Applications, Interview Applications and Hire your best match babysitter and nanny sitter.

Sitters Options: Tell us about yourself, Agree to the SitterCity Pledge, Get a background Check, Apply to Jobs and Find a Job.


Steps to Entering SitterCity Promo Code for Parents

Step1: Select SitterCity Services (Parent Get Start)


Step2: After you select SitterCity Services then select your SitterCity membership like picture below


Step3: After you finish select SitterCity membership option then Enter SitterCity Promo Code like picture below

Nowadays many family must think carefully before select their babysitter or nanny sitter because baby sitter or nanny sitter will become a part of your baby so parent must carefully when select babysitter which babysitter or nanny sitter will effect emotion, action and thinking of your baby. Baby will remember every single thing when stay with their parent and nowadays most of parent have less time to take care of their children so they select babysitter or nanny sitter to take care their baby instead of them.

How to select BabySitter?

In order to select babysitter is not easy like you think or even select from a company that providing babysitter because in these new generation many parent have less time to take care their baby or children because parent have to work so they select babysitter to take care their baby instead of them which these will effect you baby emotion, action and thinking because you baby will remember everything from babysitter. Every babysitter are different because some are understand how to take care baby and some are not. Below is a simple six step to select babysitter.

1. Clear Background: Parent should concern about Picture, Background, Education Background, Profile, Babysitter’s Cousin in order to contact when you face a problem with your babysitter.

2. Experience: Babysitter that you select to take care your baby should have experience because your baby can not explain their need and want or express by word so babysitter experience is very important.

3. Ready: Babysitter should ready and prepare to take care baby and understand to take responsibility in every situation.

4. Babysitter Personality: The first thing that you must look before you select babysitter is love children, calmly, carefully, care and many more

5. Responsibility: Responsibility is an important thing that parent should concern when select babysitter because if babysitter do not have Responsibility which it may cause unexpected situation.

6. Honest: Some parent may select a thief which is a fake babysitter so before parent select babysitter all parent should check their background again and again. Nowadays background may not enough because thief in a form of babysitter is a lot so you should find a trust company that find a babysitter for you.

Babysitter Responsibility

Babysitter is a job that take care and look after baby and children when their parent is not at home or work which Babysitter character is very important for parent because babysitter will take care baby both body and mind such as cleaning, feeding, development, emotion and many more by received compensation from families by hourly, daily, weekly, monthly which depend on the agreement in each case.

The need of Babysitter in the present is keep increasing because most of family nowadays are working family which both husband and wife have to work so babysitter may become the solution from many family in these generation.

Advantage and Disadvantage from Baby Sitter

Let begin with advantage from using Babysitter to take care your baby or children which babysitter will take care your baby or children when you do not have time such as work, travel, go aboard and many more which babysitter will take care everything about your baby such as feeding, cleaning, teaching, developing and babysitter able to increase your baby development at their age range. For disadvantage from using babysitter such as baby will stick with babysitter more than parent, baby will think like babysitter think, everything that babysitter do your baby will keep and do the same think like babysitter do, it will effect your baby will they grow up and many more. For the recommendation from using babysitter which you should separate your time to take care your baby and do not let baby sitter take care your baby all the time because you are controller not a machine that making money for babysitter and your baby. When select babysitter is also important which you should check again and again about babysitter background, profile, picture, contact and many more in order to make sure that you hire a babysitter not a thief. Babysitter company may be the answer to select babysitter but everything is depend on you.

Children Create Imagination

Imagination for baby is create from two ways such as create from brain and create from heart which Imagination is very important especially in children which have age between three to six years because in these age range able to bring children to think creative. Babysitter or Nanny should concern about Imagination of baby or children that you take care by introduce or giving advice the way to think and create imagination in the right way and do not block children imagination. If children tell about the things that not exist which babysitter should listen and inspire by motivate children to express their thinking in their mind and open opportunity by let them dream and do not stop the way that they think. On the other hand babysitter should teach children about the thing in the real world which go together with their imagination.

For the result if Babysitter or Parent do not listen to the imagination that baby or children think or speak which it will effect to the children in long term because your children will not speak the thing that they think with you again and they will close themselves outside the world for example do not think, do not talk and do not express anything and these will make children become quench and stop using imagination in the end.

Children which have age between one to two year will have imagination world such as do the thing like babysitter do or like parent do such as eating, driving, cleaning and etc which from the research boy will action like father do and girl will action like mother do and when baby have age three to six which is the starting point of study life which children will have friend, society, watch movie, watch TV and many more which your children will combine every story together with their self by using imagination.

Children do not know that what is real and what is fake which your children may act that same thing that they have see before which babysitter or parent should take care children carefully and teach and advice your children that what is real and what is fake. Imagination is a way that will effect children behavior which can effect both positive and negative side. Babysitter or Parent is the most important character that able to help children to become a good person, clever, and think wisely by using reason to explain to the children to learn and understand from the activity that children do because imagination able to create discipline to the children. Children may dream that is not real which parent and babysitter should promote their children more than think that it is ridiculous for your children because if babysitter or parent think that everything that children think is ridiculous which these may harm children’s feeling and children will feel that they are not happy to create imagination and stop using imagination forever. Babysitter and Parent should teach children in the right way and understand what children think.

How To Teach your Child Right from Wrong

It is a responsibility for babysitter and parent to teach your children what is right and what is wrong and not only teaching, training but babysitter and parent should advise and introduce your children to learn the result from the the right and wrong by providing education to your children so they grown up to be a good person in the future. Teach your children to become a good person is very important for every family more than that to teach your baby to become smart person but bad person will make trouble to your society so to teach your baby to become a good person and smart from their behavior is not hard than you think which you have to use moral and ethics in order to make your children to learn what is right and what is wrong.

When you teach or train your children parent and babysitter must have willingness when you teach and train your children and also give love and building friendly environment. These training should begin when you kids were young and should learning by playing which it is the perfect teaching style that able to bring the best result. When your kids grow up which it is a changing time for you and your kids such as emotion, thinking, physical and many more. Kids usually susceptible in every single thing that past through their life and when your kids do something bad or not good and you have to punish them which before you punish your kids you must explain first that why you have to punish such as the reason that you have to punish, the thing that your kids done wrong and etc.

Nowadays many family such as father and mother have to work so they have a little time to take care and teach your kids which it is very important when parent select babysitter for your kids because some babysitter understand how to take care baby and some don’t know so you must find babysitter that able to trust and these you can check by babysitter background, profile, work experience and many more or you can hire from a company like SitterCity website which is an expert company that providing Babysitter around US.

In our generation which is electronic generation that able to effect your kids a lot for example kids in these generation and in the parent generation is complete different because children in these generation have a lot of media such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, TV, DVD, CD, Video and many more that can influence your children to do something or copy something which it is very important for every parent and babysitter to teach kids to learn how to use media in the right way so training and teaching your kids to learn about moral and ethic is very important and should teach and guide when your kids was young.

Teach Children to Understand Responsibility

Responsibility is mean that the thing that your children should do or must do and it is the thing that parent and babysitter must conduct your children to do or not to do. The starting point when you start to teach your children to understand their responsibility is understand discipline and should begin training your children which have age 1 year or more by teaching to eat, to sleep, to play, defecate and many more which these will make your children understand more about their responsibility. In order to train your children parent and babysitter must train your children to know their responsibility first and duty that you children have to do and make duty that you order them to do become their habit such as drink water by themselves, ware their cloth and etc.

When you children grow up parent or babysitter just add more duty to your children to take more responsibility and should explain the reason that why you have to increase more duty for example to increase ability, responsibility, skill and etc. Before parent and babysitter increase more duty to children the important thing for parent and babysitter is to look at the duty that appropriate to your children or not, If you children able to complete their duty, parent or babysitter should give some reward or admire children on the thing that they do in order to encourage you children that the thing that they do is right. If you children do obey or do the thing that you order which you should not punish your children but should teach the reason that why your children have to do their duty in order to make your children accept and take responsibility on the duty that you order to do.

Train your children to become a good citizen is also important not less than to have responsibility in their life. Parent and babysitter should make your children understand the meaning of a good citizen and explain the duty of a good citizen which the duty of a good citizen must follow the rule, law and traditional. Not only follow rule, law and traditional but you must teach you children to obey parent, teacher, babysitter and understand how to take responsibility in your children life.

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