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Teach Children to Understand Responsibility

Responsibility is mean that the thing that your children should do or must do and it is the thing that parent and babysitter must conduct your children to do or not to do. The starting point when you start to teach your children to understand their responsibility is understand discipline and should begin training your children which have age 1 year or more by teaching to eat, to sleep, to play, defecate and many more which these will make your children understand more about their responsibility. In order to train your children parent and babysitter must train your children to know their responsibility first and duty that you children have to do and make duty that you order them to do become their habit such as drink water by themselves, ware their cloth and etc.

When you children grow up parent or babysitter just add more duty to your children to take more responsibility and should explain the reason that why you have to increase more duty for example to increase ability, responsibility, skill and etc. Before parent and babysitter increase more duty to children the important thing for parent and babysitter is to look at the duty that appropriate to your children or not, If you children able to complete their duty, parent or babysitter should give some reward or admire children on the thing that they do in order to encourage you children that the thing that they do is right. If you children do obey or do the thing that you order which you should not punish your children but should teach the reason that why your children have to do their duty in order to make your children accept and take responsibility on the duty that you order to do.

Train your children to become a good citizen is also important not less than to have responsibility in their life. Parent and babysitter should make your children understand the meaning of a good citizen and explain the duty of a good citizen which the duty of a good citizen must follow the rule, law and traditional. Not only follow rule, law and traditional but you must teach you children to obey parent, teacher, babysitter and understand how to take responsibility in your children life.

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