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Walabot DIY Promo Code

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Walabot or Walabot DIY is a website that you can find and order initial concept in order to build platform that make powerful and expensive technology for cheap and accessible. Walabot DIY is a website that offer stud finder that provide for consumer products to come from Vayyar Imaging, The 3 D Imaging Sensor which is innovation technology that make it possible to see through objects behind the wall or the ground for 4 inches with the pocket sized device which attaches to the phone and works with a free application and lets one discover wires, studs, pipes, plastic, rodent and other objects that might be hidden in the walls. When you visit Walabot website first of all you have to select Walabot Device which separate into 2 categories which are Walabot Maker that use it to develop custom apps for Maker, Engineers, developer and tinkerers. And for second one is Walabot DIY that use it to see into walls for DIYers, home renovation, construction, handymen & plumbers.

Not only offer the most innovative device that allow you to see thing behind your walls but Walabot also giving away Walabot Promo Code for you which you can apply Walabot Promo Code after you finish adding your select items into your cart and during your checkout process you will see a box to enter Walabot Promo Code which can save your money up to $50 off plus free shipping on all order. Below you will see active Walabot Promo Code.


Walabot Makers

For Walabot maker there are 3 types of products that available for you to make order at Walabot for example Developer, Creator and Starter. You will see in detail below in each stage.

Walabot Developer – Works on Linux, Windows and RPI

  • Includes Creator Kit Capabilities
  • Walabot black Shell Case
  • Wider Freqs. Range US
  • High 3 D Resolution
  • 19 Antenna Array
  • Imaging API
  • Raw Signal Data

Walabot Creator – Works on Linux, Windows and RPI

  • Include Starter Capabilities
  • Expanded Spatial Sensing Abilities
  • Radar Mode API for 3D Target tracking and monitoring
  • 15 Antenna Array
  • Bare Board

Walabot Starter – Works on Linux, Windows and RPI

  • Radar API
  • Breathing API
  • Range Measurement and Motion Detection Capabilities
  • 3 Antenna Array
  • Bare Board

Walabot DIY

For Walabot DIY is a device that allow you to find plastic, metal pipes, studs and wires which you can see 4 inches with 10 cm deep and it can work on concrete. For the price is $149.90 but now Walabot giving a great promotion by provide Walabot Promo Code that offer huge discount for Walabot DIY which can save your money up to $50 off for Walabot DIY order.

See How WalabotDIY Work below

Walabot offer you to see into the walls see more feature from the list below

  • Detect Pipes, Studs, Wires, Moving rodents and more
  • Adjust sensitivity for your specific construction
  • See 4 Inches/10 cm deep into your wall
  • Use Multiple sensing modes of raw data and pipe
  • Work with cement, drywall and more
  • Map large area and take snapshot for offline analysis

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